Terry Webb’s HOTT Armies

The header picture is Terry contemplating a move during our pre-tournament practice session.

I finally got to play HOTT with other humans at the Nashville leg of this year’s GBnUIT near the end of October. Terry and his lovely wife, Jeanne, allowed me to invade their home, fed me several delicious meals, and graciously received me as if I were a family member. I even got to meet the bunnies, Clover and Winston (although Clover immediately hid under a bed).

Terry is a highly skilled painter and modeller with an unconcealed passion for building Hordes of the Things (HOTT) armies. In creating an army he does very detailed research and then designs elements that work together to tell a story. It is easy to miss details on first viewing and all the photos below can be clicked to enlarge. During one of our many breaks from gaming I asked Terry to give me a tour of his armies:

TW_Glinda's Army

Glinda’s (the good witch of the North’s) army in which each nearly each piece is a vignette.


TW_Army of Rohan_Helmsdeep

Helmsdeep, the Stronghold for the Army of Rohan in 2mm. The walls and towers are put together from various Irregular Miniatures castle pieces


TW_Army of Rohan

The Army of Rohan, which includes both Ents and Entings (mentioned in the LotR books but not shown in the movie). Terry carefully studies ALL the sources when creating his armies and almost every design decision has a back story

11/11/18 – Terry has pointed out to me the small Ents which i above called “Entings” were actually called “Hourns” In the book.



The White Witch’s (or Winter Queen’s if you prefer) Army from the Narnia books. Queen Yadis is in her chariot at lower right

11/11/18 Actually it is “Jadis” not “Yadis” and she is, more properly, the Queen of all Narnia. As Terry takes great pains to get every detail true to the source I want to make sure my descriptions are accurate. Terry refers to his Narnia army as the army of Queen Jadis.



A late Victorian Army with a steam punkish flavor which could be used in multiple ways. The suffragettes on the left are protesting the recent invasion from Mars



Red Skull’s army. In the Marvel Comic universe, he is the arch-villain and foil for Captain America



Opposing Red Skull is the Hollywood Movie army which includes scenes from famous WW2 movies (“Sands of Iwo Jima” and “Saving Private Ryan” to name a couple). Captain America also makes an appearance (the  original CA and not the wimpy round shield guy).


TW_Lady Snowblood

Closeup of Lady Snowblood, a hero (or paladin)of the Ninja army


TW_Lady Snowblood_Kirin

The Kirin. Terry’s scratch build figure of the mythical animal (some would say demon) which is part of The Ninja army.


TW_Lady Snowblood Army

Another view of portion of the Ninja army



Terry loves the Old West and this army is inspired by Stan Jones’s iconic Cowboy ballad, “(Ghost) Riders in the Sky”

In the unlikely event you are unfamiliar with the song (it has been recorded by virtually every artist you can think of) here is the Johnny Cash music video (whose imagery Terry worked from to develop his army):


TW_Man in iron mask Army

An army inspired by Alexander Dumas’s Three Musketeer series in this case The Man in the Iron Mask (who stands in the left foreground)



A portion of the Aztec/Tlaxalan/Conquistador armies



Another portion of the Aztec/Tlaxalan/Conquistador armies



Dracula, his brides and assorted minions


TW_Winged Hussars

A portion of a newly created Muscovite army. Terry has pointed out that the winged horsemen are Jiltsi, part of Ivan’s body guard. The opposition will be Polish and include the more popularly known winged hussars

Using the book series, “By The Blood of Heroes” Terry is creating two Werid War One armies:


A Werid War One American army



The beginnings of a Werid War One German army



Various elements under construction for the 1879 Zulu War



Lord Kitchner’s Egyption army

Thanks for a great time Terry and Jeanne!