Franco-Prussian War

I recently read Émile Zola’s The Downfall (or La Débâcle if you prefer) and my mind harkened back to the Classics Illustrated I had as a kid (above). I was very taken by Zola’s descriptive and story-telling powers and by the enthusiasm of various posters on the Pendraken Forum –  I could resist no longer!

I made a substantial order of Pendraken’s excellent FPW range and recently started on representative units so I can figure out the color schemes. The first example infantry is below:

First FPW Infantry

I am interested primarily in the opening phase of the war (up to the Battle of Sedan) and particularly the events in Zola’s book (where most of the major fighting is “off stage”) and we are with the French VII Corps. This causes me also to concentrate on the Prussian 3rd Army (which includes both Bavarian Corps).

The FWP 150 years is 2020 and, hopefully, I will still be painting and have two or three Prussian/Bavarian Corps and an equal number of French ready to go!

The basing is for Bruce Weigle’s quite excellent “1870” rules (with one base equalling a battalion) but should also be amenable to a one or two step up in the Order of Battle to use Chris Pringle’s very interesting “Bloody Big Battles”.