The Sovereign

Starting to branch out a bit into some other areas of wargaming. One particular interest area is the Anglo-Dutch wars of the Seventeenth Century. I have gotten a couple dozen 1/2400 models from Tumbling Dice and recently finished the first:

Sovereign III

Sovereign (English 1st rate, 106 guns).

I chose to do this model first because it is the largest and, presumably, the easiest to do. Learned a good deal about assembly (do it in small steps AND let the glue dry completely before proceeding to the next) and painting (did the ratlines a dozen different ways before deciding on white over black) and standing rigging (do ONLY the most obvious – and even then be prepared to shout invective from time to time!)

Sovereign II

A closer view of the Sovereign.

For the English in particular the flags are somewhat different for each war but I’ve decided to go with one standard set AND to use only red (that way I have no problem assembling squadrons in different ways).  The red pennant appears a bit out of scale and I am thinking about replacing (although there is no doubt it is an English ship!)

Sovereign I

A reverse view.

Next I plan to do two Dutch warships (probably 50 guns each) so I can start learning Tim Kohler’s 1666 Naval rules.

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