Jutland Centenary

In honor of the Battle of Jutland one hundred year anniversary, I have un-earthed my British and German battlecrusier fleets. They have not seen the light of day for something like twenty years and are labeled with press type (individual letters dry transferred).

These are epoxy resin wargame models in 1/2400 scale from Panzerschiffe. The company is still in business and their catalog can be found here.

They are not painted and mounted on simple fiberboard bases.

The British:British Battlecruisers

The 1st Battlecruiser Squadron is missing the HMS Queen Mary which is irksome but after this long a period hard to say where it is.

The 1st Cruiser Squadron is comprised of four older armored cruisers which were the first to sight and then engage the German Highseas Fleet. They paid a horrible price, only HMS Duke of Edinburgh survived.

The Germans:German BattlecrusiersThe German battlecrusiers were hotly engaged against the British battlecrusiers and both sides suffered severely. The German battlecrusiers later took on a squadron of British Battleships and were further mauled. In the end they lost their flagship but managed to get the others home (barely). The British lost three of their battlecrusiers at Jutland (although one was from the 3rd Battlecruiser squadron).

Despite somewhat greater losses by the British it was they who won the strategic victory.