My Personal World of Wargaming

As of 02-05-16

Although I am passionately interested in wargaming the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, which I blog about at In Red-coat Rags Attired, I started this blog, Leaden Ships and Tin Men, as a place to document various other wargaming interests. At the moment these includes the Anglo/Dutch naval wars of the seventeenth century (in 1/2400) and quite probably the Franco/Prussian War (in 10mm).

I am also working out a fantasy war,set in an alternate history Cornwall of the fifteenth century, which has its own blog, Signa et Portenta.

Since I am a solo wargamer, I have to paint everything, setup everything, figure out rule adaptations, and then play both (or more) sides. It is at times a schizophrenic existence and often moves at a near glacial pace. If you happen to be in the same wargaming situation I highly recommend the Lone Warrior the excellent journal of the Solo Wargamers Association.

Update 02-05-17

I am currently working with the One Hour Wargames rules and scenarios by Niel Thomas. The “OHW” that appears frequently in the newer posts below is the abbreviation I use for them.

Update 03-14-17

In addition to OHW I have now added Hordes of the Things (here after referred to as HOTT) to my repertoire of small space, quick play rules.

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